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New Hampshire has the country’s lowest teen pregnancy rate, according to a new study. 

The report from the Guttmacher Institute, a DC-based think tank, says New Hampshire’s pregnancy rate stands at about half what it was in 1988. In 2010, the most recent year the study tracked, just three percent of teenage girls became pregnant in the Granite State. The national rate that same year stood at six percent. 

Heather Boonstra is with the Guttmacher Institute.

Upper Valley Home For Pregnant Teens Closes Its Doors

Jan 1, 2013
Charlotte Albright, Vermont Public Radio

Teen pregnancies have been declining for almost two decades now, and the rates in Vermont and New Hampshire are among the lowest in the nation. While that may be good news, it's also one reason a residential program for teen mothers in Lebanon, New Hampshire is closing its doors. That will leave some teens without social services they have come to depend on.