water contamination

8:48 am
Wed July 17, 2013

The Heat is Up, and So Are Beach Advisories

With recent heavy rains, more New Hampshire ponds and lakes have been under water quality advisories.

See a map of current beach advisories here.

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Word of Mouth - Segment
12:29 pm
Wed November 9, 2011

A Fracking Disaster?

earthquake damage
(Photo by martinluff via Flickr Creative Commons)

The magnitude 5.8 earthquake that rattled the east coast back in August triggered speculation about whether the controversial gas drilling technique called fracking may have been responsible. Fracking involves drilling thousands of feet into the shale deep below the earth’s surface, then fracturing the earth by pumping millions of gallons of sand, water, and chemicals into the shale to release natural gas. So far, contamination of groundwater supplies has been the focus of those opposing big energy’s push to expand fracking.

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