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NH News
4:07 pm
Mon September 29, 2014

On Campaign Trail, Obamacare Continues To Dominate U.S. Senate Race

Scott Brown at North Country Tractor in Pembroke.
Credit NHPR / Michael Brindley

On the campaign trail Monday, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown continued to rail against the Affordable Care Act, taking aim specifically at the employer mandate.

During an event at North Country Tractor in Pembroke, Brown highlighted a part of the health law yet to kick in: a requirement that businesses with 50 or more full-time employees offer health insurance benefits.

The store’s owner says that’s why he’s stopped hiring at 47 employees.

Brown says it’s an example of how so-called Obamacare is hurting New Hampshire businesses.

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6:35 am
Mon September 29, 2014

Gubernatorial, Senate Candidates Address Energy Issues At Summit

Credit Sam Evans-Brown

New Hampshire's gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidates are addressing energy industry leaders, consumers and policy makers at an annual summit in Concord.

The New Hampshire Energy Summit being held Monday is organized by the Dupont Group and the New Hampshire Independent Energy Council, a coalition of non-utility electric generators, renewable generation developers, private transmission companies and electricity suppliers.

Gov. Maggie Hassan and her Republican challenger both will speak, as will U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Republican Scott Brown.

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4:12 am
Mon September 29, 2014

In N.H. Race, A Rematch Of A Rematch

Then-incumbent Rep. Frank Guinta, R-N.H., and then-Democratic challenger Carol Shea-Porter debate during a Sept. 2012 forum at St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. Guinta, who lost to Shea-Porter in 2012, is running for his old seat in 2014.
David Lane AP

Originally published on Tue September 30, 2014 10:46 pm

Think of it as a rematch of a rematch.

In New Hampshire, Democratic Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter is battling Republican Frank Guinta for the third time in a row. Each has beaten the other before – Guinta defeated Shea-Porter during the 2010 Tea Party wave, and Shea-Porter won her seat back in 2012.

You wonder if it starts to get boring when you're hitting the same rival over and over again.

"Well, I know what he's going to say, that's for sure," says Shea-Porter.
Guinta admits the same: "I mean, it is kind of old hat."

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11:34 am
Sun September 28, 2014

N.H.'s House Candidates Weigh In On Privacy, National Security

New Hampshire's Congressional candidates agree that maintaining a strong national defense and protecting civil liberties are not mutually exclusive responsibilities, though they disagree on how to strike a balance between the two.

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3:25 pm
Fri September 26, 2014

Havenstein Stumps With Jindal At Charter School

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (right) on the stump with Walt Havenstein

Walt Havenstein campaigned at a Manchester charter school with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  As NHPR’s Josh Rogers reports the GOP gubernatorial hopeful met with students and pressed the message that NH needs more choice in public education.

Walt Havenstein and Bobby Jindal toured classrooms at Polaris charter school on Manchester’s West Side. Along the way,  Havenstein took some blunt questions from the students.

"Why do you want to run for governor?"

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6:15 am
Fri September 26, 2014

Jindal Joins Havenstein On Campaign Trail

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal
Credit Derek Bridges via Flickr CC

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is joining Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein for two education related campaign stops.

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The Exchange
9:00 am
Thu September 25, 2014

Rudman Center Conversations With The Candidates: Maggie Hassan

Laura Knoy sat down with Governor Maggie Hassan for an in-depth discussion about the issues on New Hampshire voters’ minds this election season.

More information about NHPR's special election series presented with UNH Law School can be found here.


  • Maggie Hassan - Governor of New Hampshire

Watch the interview:

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9:02 pm
Wed September 24, 2014

Hassan Tells Voters To "Think Hard" About Havenstein's Proposed Cuts

Gov. Maggie Hassan at the Rudman Center, 9/24/14
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Governor Maggie Hassan says Republican calls to reduce business taxes go too far, and that the cuts in spending that would result would hurt the state.

In an interview with NHPR’s Laura Knoy at UNH Law School, Governor Maggie Hassan again and again stressed the importance of affordable education and opportunities for the middle class.

Not once did she mention the name of her opponent in this race, former defense contractor Walt Havenstein. But Hassan alluded to his proposal to cut government spending across the board by 2.5 percent.

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The Exchange
9:00 am
Wed September 24, 2014

Money In Politics: N.H.'s 2014 Races

Credit Martin Stelbrink / NHPR

New Hampshire politicians get their funding from the usual array of sources – from PACs, SuperPACS, and campaign contributions, to the national party, and their own pockets. We’re sitting down with three experts who have watched this year’s New Hampshire campaigns, including issues like dark money, outside spending, and special interests.


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8:14 am
Wed September 24, 2014

Brown Critical Of Shaheen, Obama On Foreign Policy

Scott Brown at the Rudman Center, Sept 2014
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown says U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is not only a naive follower of President Barack Obama on foreign policy but fails to grasp the consequences.

Brown, a former Massachusetts senator now challenging Shaheen in New Hampshire, criticized his Democratic opponent in a foreign policy speech Wednesday at Saint Anselm College. 

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The Exchange
9:00 am
Tue September 23, 2014

Rudman Center Conversations With The Candidates: Scott Brown

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Laura Knoy sat down with Senator Scott Brown for an in-depth discussion about the issues on New Hampshire voters’ minds this election season.

This conversation was part of NHPR's special election series presented with UNH Law School, "Rudman Center Conversations with the Candidates."

More information about this special series can be found here.

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10:16 pm
Mon September 22, 2014

Brown Disagrees With GOP 'Personhood' Plank

Scott Brown speaking with Laura Knoy at The Rudman Center. UNH Law School, Sept 22, 2014
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Scott Brown, the GOP’s nominee for US senate, disagrees with a change the New Hampshire Republican party made to its platform last weekend.

The new plank calls for support of “the pre-born child’s fundamental right to life and personhood under the Fourteenth Amendment,” mimicking the language in proposed constitutional amendments that seek to give fetuses the same rights as people.

Monday night at a conversation hosted by NHPR and the Rudman Center at the UNH School of Law, Brown distanced himself that plank.

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4:56 pm
Mon September 22, 2014

Havenstein Dubs His Anti-Tax Oath 'Pledge 2.0'

Walt Havenstein in NHPR's studios.
Credit Brady Carlson/NHPR

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Walt Havenstein unveiled an expanded anti-tax pledge Monday.

What Havenstein has dubbed 'Pledge 2.0' not only calls for opposition to a sales or income tax but also for politicians to “oppose any policy that commits New Hampshire taxpayers to unfunded obligations.”

Walt Havenstein says the traditional pledge to oppose new broad-based taxes  is no longer enough. And can’t simply be a “political commitment.”

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NHPR Events
2:49 pm
Mon September 22, 2014

Conversations With The Candidates: Scott Brown

Credit Sara Plourde / NHPR

NHPR and UNH School of Law present

Scott Brown
Republican candidate for US Senate

September 22nd at 5:30pm
Reception to follow

UNH School of Law, 2 White Street, Concord, NH

Join Laura Knoy for an in-depth discussion with the candidates about the issues on New Hampshire voters’ minds this election season. Each forum will be broadcast the following day during The Exchange at 9 am on the stations of NHPR.

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7:20 am
Mon September 22, 2014

Havenstein Takes Tax Pledge, State Troopers Back Hassan

Credit NHPR Staff

Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein is taking New Hampshire's traditional anti-tax pledge, while incumbent Democrat Maggie Hassan picks up the endorsement of state troopers.

For decades, New Hampshire governors and candidates have promised to veto a personal income or general sales tax. Havenstein will be signing the pledge Monday in Concord, where he will be joined by Republican legislative leaders.

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3:03 pm
Fri September 19, 2014

Shaheen Sips A Smutty, Compares Small Business Voting Record To Brown's

Peter Egelston, founder and president of Smuttynose Brewery, showed Senator Shaheen what's on tap this fall.
Credit Emily Corwin / NHPR

No later than 11 a.m. this morning, Senator Jeanne Shaheen celebrated the four-year anniversary of the Senate's Small Business Jobs and Credit Act with a few sips of Smutty.

Smuttynose’s new brewery in Hampton was financed in part with loans from the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act. That bill, which became law in 2010, created a $30 billion lending program through the U.S. Treasury.

Shaheen hoped to shine a spotlight on that bill today because she and her opponent, former Massachusetts Senator, Scott Brown both voted on it.

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8:08 am
Thu September 18, 2014

Brown Campaign Boosted By Poll Numbers, Christie Visit

Senate candidate and former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown
Credit Josh Rogers

Republican senate candidate Scott Brown was riding high yesterday. His campaign was lifted by some positive poll numbers, and by a visit from a one of his party's brightest lights, NJ Governor  Chris Christie. Democrats fought back with some lower-profile visitors,  ones from Brown’s former home-state of Massachusetts. 

If you believe the rhetoric coming from the camps of  Jeanne Shaheen and Scott Brown, you might call this race the Carpetbagger vs. the Obamabot.

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8:19 am
Wed September 17, 2014

Chris Christie Stumps In N.H. For Havenstein, Brown

Credit Gage Skidmore via Flickr CC

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a potential Republican presidential candidate, is making his third trip to New Hampshire to campaign with the Republicans topping the party's ticket this November.

Christie will campaign Wednesday with gubernatorial nominee Walt Havenstein in Nashua then join U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown for a rally in Salem.

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