NHPR Wins Six Granite Mikes

Oct 18, 2013

We're proud to announce that NHPR was awarded six awards at last night's Granite Mikes Awards, presented by the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters.

First Place, Radio Feature: Furniture Store Sees Success In Selling Prisoner-Made Goods

Credit Amanda Loder / NHPR

Last holiday season, Reporter Amanda Loder took a look at a store offering unusual handmade gifts: Franklin's Grevior Furniture, which, after budget cuts, has become the new home for the State Prison for Men's Hobby Craft shop.

Second Place, Radio Feature: Fiddleheads: Tasty Forest Secrets

Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

Fiddleheads are the whimsical, tightly coiled spiral of fern sprouts that push their way up from under the layers of winter debris on the forest floor. They are also a regional and seasonal delicacy. Reporter Sam Evans-Brown trekked into the woods with a fiddlehead forager to find out why they're so hard to find - and so highly prized.

Second Place, Documentary News: A Loaded Issue: Guns In New Hampshire

Over a week, NHPR's newsroom examined issues and topics surrounding guns in New Hampshire for our special series, A Loaded Issue. Stories included a look at our state’s gun laws, the big business of manufacturing guns, how parents are prosecuted in accidental shootings, the culture around open carry and the efforts to repeal the state’s Stand Your Ground law.

First Place, Sports Reporting: The White Mountains: Training Ground For The Greats

Credit Frederick Wilkinson / Courtesy Photo

Conditions in New Hampshire’s White Mountains are notoriously harsher than their altitude suggests. But for World Class mountaineers this makes the Whites a perfect training ground. Reporter Sam Evans-Brown spoke with one such World Class mountaineer, Fred Wilkinson, at Cathedral Ledge.

First Place, Best Use of Digital Media: N.H. Roads: How We Got Here

Are New Hampshire's roads getting worse? Why are they getting harder to pay for? And, does it really matter if we have a few more potholes? Reporter Emily Corwin and Digital Producer Sara Plourde answer those questions and more in an animated video.

Second Place, Local Special Program: 2012 Election Night Coverage

As always, NHPR is on the front lines on election night, covering our State Congressional and Gubernatorial races, while keeping you up to date on what's going on at the National level. See highlights from the night, including photos and videos, on our election night live blog.