The Pros & Cons of Targeting Drug Dealers, the Supply Side of the Addiction Equation

Mar 8, 2017

Their mug shots are now regularly featured in the news -- people swept up in Operation Granite Hammer, an anti-drug enforcement program that started in 2015. Since then, police have made more than 100 drug arrests. They have been particularly tough on dealers whose deals turn lethal, pursuing long sentences in those cases.  But many on the treatment end warn tough sentences and tactics do little to quell the demand for drugs, and dealers themselves are often addicts, who need care, not incarceration.


  • Joseph Foster -  The Attorney General of New Hampshire.  He will step down on March 31 at the conclusion of his four-year term.  
  • Dean Lemire -   Advocate for statewide prevention, treatment, and recovery  programs. He's also in recovery from heroin addiction.
  • David Rothstein -  Attorney with NH Public Defender.
  • John Thomas - Lieutenant with Concord Police Department where he is head of the Community Services Unit.